I’ve been pretty busy lately.  Lots of baby bumps, helping out at Dayspring when I’m needed and continuing to welcome HazelTree babies earth-side.  But no matter how busy I get, Ipumpkins am continually carving out free time to spend with my family.

My little grand-daughter just turned 4, which is a wonderful and beautiful age to be building life long memories.  I have memories of when I was 4.  They are few, but I have them. This makes me mindful of how Speed & I spend our time with her.  Sleep-overs are a very big deal these days.  So is carving pumpkins with Gramps.

She knows I’m a midwife.  She says that I help mommies have their babies.  Thiscakies particular sleep over I was expecting a birth call.  I had a 1st time mama who had been “doing stuff” all day so I felt pretty confident that I’d be leaving sometime in the night for her birth.  I told my G-Girl that I’d likely have to leave her with Gramps to go help a baby be born and that I might not be back in time to make her pancakes for breakfast the next morning.   This little darling didn’t miss a beat or bat an eye.  She quickly replied, “That’s ok Grammy.  Gramps can take me to a restaurant for pancakies.”  Which is precisely what he did; in true Gramps fashion I might add.  No washed face, no hair combing, no teeth brushing.  Just out of bed, slide on yesterday’s clothes and off they went.    LOL!!!

I have the greatest family!!  I couldn’t be all that I am or do all that I do without them.