Miss Scarlett Renee

Finally!  HazelTree Midwifery’s first girl of the year!  Miss Scarlett was born 1/31/2016 at 5:01 a.m.  She weight 7lbs 14oz. and is the 3rd daughter and fourth child in her family.   Her birth day was awesome and one that the HazelTree Midwifery team will never forget.  Home birth, not a water birth, natural childbirth

When we arrived to Scarlett’s home, we found her mama laboring in the living room on a birth ball, earbuds in place, listening to her music and oblivious to all the crazy goings on around her.  Her husband and father in law were frantically trying to get the birth pool filled with water and had run into issues with the hot water heater.  They were back and forth fetching tools, tripping over the hose, mopping up spilled water, etc.  There was a bit of male angst going on, to say the least.  At one point, their LARGE Rottweiler came bounding through the house, wiggling all over, happy to greet everyone, slobbering on everything and putting his nose where it shouldn’t be!  😉  He was so cute & friendly but totally in the way. 

Through all this pandemonium, Scarlett’s mama was totally Zen…sitting on her yoga ball, listening to her music, beautifully working with her body and letting the contractions do their job.  I don’t think she even opened her eyes.  In her own little bubble, she was peaceful and introspective the entire time.

Scarlett didn’t give anyone time to get the birth pool filled before she decided, “OK.  I’m ready to be born now.”  Her mama changed her body position to better accommodate Scarlett’s passage, and before we could hardly get our gloves on, here she came!  

After her arrival and since the menfolk had worked so hard to get the darned pool filled, we changed the plan up a bit, filled it with warm water and added a delightfully healing, beautifully smelling herbal sitz tea to it.  I think this photo shows very well how much Miss Scarlett was enjoying her first bath.