Jessica Janesah Dawn

Jessica’s parents are rehome birth, water birth, natural childbirthpeat clients and very dear to my heart.  When parents have their children refer to you as Auntie Kim, you know that the heart feelings are reciprocated.  ♥♥   The entire HazelTree team was looking very forward to being present when this littleMidwifery prenatal appointment girl made her entrance. 

Jessica was born 3/10/2016 at 11:26 p.m.  She weighed 8lbs 6 oz. and measured 20″ tall.  She is the 3rd child to her parents and their first daughter.  Her big brothers were ever present during prenatal appointments, always helping to get Mom’s blood pressure and measure her belly.  But their favorite thing to do was to push the button on the Doppler and help to hold the wand so they could hear their baby sister’s heart beat!  Both boys’ eyes would light up when they’d hear that thump, thump, thump of Jessica’s heartbeat. 

HazelTree Midwifery, home birth, water birth, natural childbirthJessica’s mom labored so amazingly.  She was very introspective, listening to her body cues and following them without hesitation.  She had complete trust in her ability to birth at home.  To watch heDSC_0013ar in her labor dance was such an honor.  When Jessica was so so close to being born, her mama instinctively reached down to touch her little baby’s head and what seemed effortlessly, delivered her baby into her own hands.  It was truly magical to see.