Rowan Jude

Rowan Jude was born 6/15/16 at 8:01 a.m. HazelTree Midwifery, home birth, natural child birthin his parents home.  He is their 2nd son and second with HazelTree Midwifery.  His birth story is one of incredible hard work and mighty perseverance for his parents AND his birth team.  Rowan was what we in the birth world call a malpresentation.  Basically, he was coming out sunny side up and forehead/brow first.  Most babies come out with the back of their head being the first to appear, and they are usually looking at their mama’s spine.  Not Rowan.  He was bound and determined to be born his way.  I tried everything I knew to do to try to get him to rotate to a bit of an easier birthing position, but I was unable to. 

Thankfully, since his mama is this amazingly strong, warrior woman, she pushed him out without any issues; just lots of strong effort and sweat!   Birth can be incredibly hard work!!

This photo of Rowan was taken several hours after birth so the “goose egg” he had on his forehead is about gone though you can see some bruising.  (arnica cream does wonders)  Despite his rough entry, he is the sweetest little love bug.  Cuddling him is divine!

Rowan weighed 9lbs 1 oz and measured 20.5″ in length.