Archer Daniel

Mr. Archer!  You made us work hard for your birth, Buddy!  This midwife was just about out of tricks when you finally arrived.  Regardless of what I was thinking, Archer’s mama never ever gave up!  I’ve honestly not seen a woman work so hard for so long to get her baby here.  She did everything we asked her to, never once complained, always persevering throughout the entire process.  And her husband too.  He was the best support person for her.  No one else was able to give her the relief and guidance quite like he did.

Once Archer began to make his arrival, he got a little stuck.  We had to do a few maneuvers to get him the rest of the way out, but out he came.  He was a bit stunned from all the wrangling but after a couple of puffs of air from the bag and mask, he let me know exactly what he thought about “all that!”  He definitely had something to say!! 

Archer was born June 11, 2017 at 2:40 a.m. at Dayspring Midwifery as his mother really wanted a birth center birth.  She took one look at the large, glorious birth tubs and said, “I’m having my baby here!” 

Archer shocked his parents & grandparents when they weighed him in at 9lbs 11 oz and measured 21.5 inches tall.   He is his parents second son and their 1st HazelTree Baby!