Jude Isaiah

Jude was born March 24, 2017 in a birth pool in his parent’s family room.  His mother had transferred to our care late in her pregnancy.  She was very excited to finally have an out-of-hospital birth.  Jude was gently birthed into a warm pool of water while still in his amniotic sac!  This is called “born in the caul”.  It’s quite rare and very special.  Many cultures believe babies born in the caul are blessed with good luck.  Some believed that a piece of the caul carried in an amulet bag would protect the wearer.  Regardless the myth or superstition, Jude is definitely one special little man.

He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and 18.5 inches tall.  He is his parents 6th child and their first home birth. He was greeted at his birth by his parents, an auntie and his grandmother.  The older children were very excited to get home from their sleep over to meet him the next day.