Kaeden Alfred

Kaeden was born May 13, 2017 at 11:36 a.m.  His mama is one of those rare women who literally have pain free labors and births.  It’s quite incredible to observe.

When we arrived at her home she was already 8 cm dilated.  She had planned a birth center birth at Dayspring Midwifery, but we quickly changed gears and began to prepare her home for Kaeden’s imminent arrival.  While family members made mad dashes to Walmart, put older children down for naps and finished up last minute details, Kaeden’s mom silently labored.  We had a very hard time telling when she was contracting, she was so peaceful and introspective. 

At one point she said, “Oh!  I think I might need to push soon.”  That’s about all we heard until Krysta was getting the shower water temperature just right for her.  Then suddenly I heard, “Uh…Guys.  He’s coming!  His head….”  Krysta turned the shower off, turned around and caught Mr. Kaeden as his stunned mama looked on.  Seriously!  That’s all there was to it.  She was just getting ready to get into the shower and BOOM…baby born while she stood on the shower mat. INCREDIBLE!!!

Kaeden is his parents’ 3rd son and their 2nd HazelTree Baby.  Isn’t he gorgeous?