Malachi Levi

Malachi was born Jan. 13, 2017 in his mother’s bathtub.  He took is sweet time getting here and after he was born, we found out why!!

His parents and birth team were quite perplexed by the length of time his mother’s labor was taking.  She was completely dilated for several hours but had zero urge to push.  Because we try to practice patience in a labor scenario, we weren’t rushing her.   Finally! after almost 3 hrs of waiting, mama felt a strong urge to push.  Within minutes Mr. Malachi was born with the most extraordinary umbilical cord wrap/knot I’ve ever seen.  The cord was coming from his tummy, wrapped around his back, up over his shoulder, wrapped around his neck and then wrapped around itself 3 times.  Envision the beginning of a windsor knot for a man’s tie.  It was wrapped like that right underneath his chin.  It was so tight that I had to somersault him out of his mother’s body as the cord was too tight to allow his entire body to be born.  After we somersaulted him out, it took several seconds to figure out how to untangle him.  It’s the closest I’ve ever come to cutting a cord before it stopped pulsing.

Just moments after Big Sister decided I needed some help.

Malachi weighted 8 lbs 4 oz and was 21″ tall.  He was eagerly greeted by his parents and his older sister (who is also a HazelTree Baby!!).  In fact, Big Sister was so eager to meet him that at one point I turned to find a little gloved hand reaching into the bathtub right beside me!  Somewhere along the way, Big Sister had helped herself to a glove and was reaching in to help me get her brother out!  It was surprising at first then I just started to giggle!  What a sweet girl!  I think we may have a future midwife!

Malachi is his parents second child, 1st son and 2nd HazelTree Baby!!