Olive Jessie

Miss Olive was born April 8, 2017 in her parents’ bedroom.  The day was gorgeous, still a bit of snow in shady places, the home surrounded by N. Idaho forest, chickens scratching in the yard, sunshine coming through the windows. 

Olive’s big sister and grandmother were busy throughout the day, reading stories, baking and doing all the things big girls like to do with their grandmas.  This allowed Olive’s mom and dad to labor together throughout the day, which they did beautifully. 

Olive’s mama labored so amazingly.  She exhibited such strength and resiliance.  She birthed Olive in her bed without complications.  Olive weighed 6 lbs 1 oz and measured 19.25 inches tall.  She is her parents 2nd daughter and 1st HazelTree baby. 



And as a side note:  While Miss Olive was preparing to make her entrance, my own daughter was laboring as well….thousands of miles away on the other side of the continent, preparing to give birth to my 3rd grandchild. Olive was born 30 minutes ahead of my grand-girl Emelia.  They weighed & measured just about the same too.  The similarities in their births are uncanny and will always and forever keep Olive in a special place in my heart!!