Mylo Penelope

Mylo’s family was such a joy to partner with.  Her mom stayed active throughout her pregnancy and was very diligent to eat healthy and nutritious food.  Taking good care of her body led to a very favorable labor and birth.   By the way, she’s an expert “hula hoop dancer” with such grace and ease that it is breathtaking to watch.  She is also a very calm mama and it was incredibly peaceful to be present at Mylo’s birth.  

Mylo entered this world at 1:35 a.m. on October 25, 2016.  She was born in her home, into the water of a birthing pool and was welcomed by her amazing mama, daddy and her grandmother. Mylo’s big brother slept through it all!  When he woke up, he had a new baby sister. What an adorable little baby girl!

Mylo weighed exactly 8 pounds and measured 21 inches tall.

She is her parent’s second child, first girl and their first HazelTree Baby.

Violet Whimsey

Peaceful waterbirth

With eighteen minutes into the new day, little Violet Whimsey made her arrival into this world.  Not knowing yet, her parents discovered that their third child would be a precious little girl.  Her name, Violet Whimsey brings the quality of being fantastic, playful and fanciful.  

HazelTree baby

This matches the tone of the evening she was born, as it was certainly a captivating and whimsical birth.  It was a rather quiet and calm evening for a beautiful and memorable water birth, her mom and dad so close and eager to pour out all their love into their new little one. Sweet Violet has a big sister and big brother who are head over heals in love with her, and who are ready to show her the ropes of life.      

What a joy and delight to partner with Violet’s mom through the entire pregnancy!  Violet Whimsey was born on September 5, 2016 at 12:18 a.m.  She weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and measured 19 inches tall.  She is her parent’s third baby, second girl and first HazelTree baby.  

Anson Eugene James

Anson was bHome birth, waterbirth, natural childbirthorn 1/28/16 @ 6:15 p.m. in his mama’s bedroom.  She had the birth pool set up at the foot of her bed and with the help of her partner and birth team, she brought Anson into this magnificent world!  She labored strong and silently, never once letting the process of labor get away from her. 

There were several relatives waiting anxiously in the hallway but they were so quiet, we didn’t even know they were there.  That is….until after Anson was born, made a few little cries and Daddy exclaimed, “It’s a boy!”  That’s when we knew we had company as the Grammas and Aunties in the hallway let out a loud and resounding whoop.   It was so wonderful and funny that everyone in the birth room got a chuckle out of it!

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It was such a pleasure to be a part of this little family’s journey and to be with them as they greeted this gorgeous boy.