Welcome to HazelTree Midwifery


Every woman has a right to a safe and satisfying birth experience of her choice. It is her midwife’s job to help her reach that goal.

“Ask me for strength and I will not only lend you my hand, but also my heart.”

Welcome to HazelTree Midwifery, founded by Kim Palmer, LM, CPM.

As a Certified Professional Midwife carrying licensure in Idaho and Washington, I offer some of the highest quality care available in N. Idaho and Washington for pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. I specialize in providing personalized care for women and their families who understand and want the benefits of a natural birth. I attend homebirths, waterbirths, birth center births and VBAC’s. I do not bill private insurance companies however, I do work closely with an accomplished insurance biller. For those who are uncertain about what midwifery is or what is involved with an out-of-hospital birth, I encourage you to contact me and schedule a free consultation. I’ll answer any questions you and/or your partner may have and help you to determine if you are a good candidate for out of hospital birth.

"Before I even thought about getting pregnant, I always knew I wanted to plan a home birth. I imagined being surrounded by beautiful people with beautiful souls coaching me and cheering me on to bring a new life into our world. Let me tell you; the women at HazelTree are my kind of people. From the phone call with Kim that started our journey together to the day my son was born and thereafter, these ladies will listen, love, support, and protect to each ones individual wants and needs!

This team is not just a random team that walks in the door when it’s time to have a baby! The women at HazelTree Midwifery are a team that becomes a part of your tribe for life!"
Cassandra L.