Lucy Mary Angela

Miss Lucy was born in her parents bedroom on June 1st, 2017.  She sure took her sweet merry time getting here!  Her parents and birth team were a bit perplexed as to why she was taking so long, but alas…birth has it’s own time clock and we are wise to remember that.  Lucy knew when she should be born, right down to the exact minute. 

These babies…they are the wise ones!!

 Lucy’s mother exhibited true warrior woman tendencies during this long, arduous labor. When Little Miss’ arrival was finally imminent, Mama instinctively knew that she needed to be on her hands and knees to deliver.  As Lucy emerged, Krysta passed her slippery body between her mother’s legs so that Mama could grab her baby and hold her tightly to her chest. It was all that she wanted!  Her baby was here. She was finally HERE, safe, sound and loudly beautiful!




Lucy weighed 9lbs 9 oz and measured 20.5 inches tall.  She is her parents 5th child, and their 1st HazelTree Baby.  We are all very smitten with her!