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Kim Palmer - Meet the Midwife

Kim Palmer LM, CPM

Native to the Pacific Northwest, I have been active in birth work since 1995. Doing extensive work as a doula and as a student midwife has made my skills sharp. I sat for the national exam for the North American Registry of Midwifery in 2012. I am currently licensed with the state of Idaho and Washington. I am an active member of the Idaho Midwifery Council and NACPM.

I have been married to my sweet guy since 1987. When weather permits, we camp regularly and enjoy fishing, canoeing and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We both love to garden and find unique and tasty ways to eat what we grow. Our love of travel has taken us to foreign countries where we enjoy sampling local cuisines & experiencing diverse cultures. Together we have raised two wonderful daughters who have married fantastic men. They have made us grandparents to three of the greatest little people on the planet.

I have been very fortunate to travel yearly to Kenya, Africa and hope to continue.  My humanitarian work there includes sponsoring school age girls with tuition to a school specializing in “rescuing” girls at risk for FGM (female genital mutilation/female circumcision).  I also work very hard raising funds for a remotely located Maasai Days for Girls International Enterprise where the women construct and distribute  washable, reusable menstrual kits to school age girls. I have also been graciously welcomed into the Maasai Tribal Midwife community in a region known as Maasai Mau where I have been asked to offer continuing education style classes to local Maasai tribal midwives.  It has been such a blessing to me and I am so thankful to be a part of something this fantastic and life-changing.

When I’m not busy with birthing clients, or snuggling on my grandbabies, I love to create.  I’m an artist at heart.  I knit, I sew, I tatt, I refinish and upcycle.  I dabble in interior design and I’ll cut across three lanes of traffic to get to an antique store.   With all that, I try diligently to balance my midwifery career with the pleasure of being a wife and grandmother.

Certifications and Experience:

I participate in regular Peer Reviews and Continuing Education opportunities.

Tammy Desjardins LM, CPM

My love for midwifery began with my own home birth in 2000. I loved it so much that I
had two more!

Committed to home schooling my six children, including leading a local cooperative, I remained a stay at home mom for over twenty years. Realizing that my youngest child would be an adult before long, I searched for my next assignment. 

Midwifery became a clear path for me, so I dove in with as many classes and certifications as possible. My experience as a Birth Assistant and Doula only solidified my desire and decision to follow this calling. Kim and Krysta welcomed me to HazelTree
Midwifery in 2020.

I am currently in the primary phase of my clinical studies while attending Mercy In Action School of Midwifery. I am both honored and excited to be
serving so many amazing families here in the Inland Northwest!

Certifications and Experience:

Mercedes Krebs
Executive Administrator

Mercedes can’t help it. She loves to organize and streamline processes. She has worked in the administrative field for fifteen years but has also had her share of experiences and studies in the birth world as a prior student midwife and doula with Birthingway College of Midwifery.

Mercedes has seen in her own life the innate power and healing capabilities of the human spirit and body, and witnessed how pregnancy and childbirth is the exemplar of just that. She continues to be enamoured by it, and feels incredibly fulfilled working in this way to support the midwives and families of HazelTree.

Prior to Coeur d’Alene Mercedes was traveling the United States learning how to live off-grid and on homesteads. It was intuition and the HazelTree website that propelled her to travel across the country and take root in Idaho. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, eating, martial arts, dancing of all kinds, especially big band swing, being still in the wilderness, and her two sweet cats, Logan and Lexi.

Madeleine Gallus
Midwifery Student

What a privilege it is to be a part of the HazelTree team! Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, these gorgeous mountains and lakes, I love to call home. I have been exposed to birth since I was a little girl, with Kim delivering my youngest brother. I fell in love with her when I was twelve and I’m pretty sure I love her more now!

I am the oldest of seven kids, and my family lives here in North Idaho. Being a midwife was the first thing I remember wanting to be when I was a little girl, and now here I am, pursuing that dream with the help of Kim and Krysta.

I started with HazelTree in June of 2020 as the Executive Administrator, and decided that midwifery was my calling. I have been attending births as an assistant since November 2020. I relinquished my office duties to Mercedes and am now a full time student.

When I am not doing midwifin’ things, you will find me slinging brews at Westwood Brewing Co, at the gym, hiking, skiing, camping and doing all things outdoors. I am so blessed to have an incredibly supportive family, some really amazing bonus families and fantastic friends. I am excited to continue my education in all things birth and babies, and I am eternally grateful for all of you who are supporting my midwifery dreams. 

Certifications and Experience:

Ginger Cullen
Midwifery Student

Ginger is a student midwife with Midwives College of Utah set to graduate in 2023. With her first pregnancy she began to feel called to the world of pregnancy and childbirth. In 2015 she began encapsulating placentas and in 2019 received doula training through DONA international. She moved to CDA from Whidbey Island, WA in the summer of 2020 for more opportunities to work with community midwives. She hopes to one day do international Midwifery work as well as work on making Midwifery more sustainable by working with our legislators in office.

In her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts, binging her current Netflix obsession or going to be beach with friends and the kids. She has three kids all of whom we’re born with a midwife.

Certifications and Experience: