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Before I even thought about getting pregnant, I always knew I wanted to plan a home birth. I imagined being surrounded by beautiful people with beautiful souls coaching me and cheering me on to bring a new life into our world. Let me tell you; the women at HazelTree are my kind of people. From the phone call with Kim that started our journey together to the day my son was born and thereafter, these ladies will listen, love, support, and protect to each ones individual wants and needs! This team is not just a random team that walks in the door when it’s time to have a baby! The women at HazelTree Midwifery are a team that becomes a part of your tribe for life!
Cassandra L.
Hello, Mama, welcome to HazelTree! First "CONGRATULATIONS on this new arrival!" Second you are in great hands. I was in your place with my first not too long ago. From the moment I met the staff to meeting our son, I felt safe, well taken care of, and encouraged. Our son was born at home during a windstorm which knocked out the power. The team took it in strides. I was impressed with how calm and focused they were, even when the birth pool needing to be reheated on a camp stove. I knew that if ever there was a concern, Kim and her staff would not hesitate to call for help. I am excited to have this team at our next birth.
Natasha R.
"I don't know how to put into words how absolutely amazing these ladies are! When I started looking for a midwife I knew exactly what I wanted. A natural, intervention-free home birth with women who were as excited as I was to have a baby! They let me take my own route as long as it was medically safe. I felt like I had total control over my birth and I can't wait to do it again! I would recommend these gals to anyone and everyone!"
Aischa A.
“Raquel, listen to me. I need you to listen to me. Do you hear me?” In the density of the pressure consuming my mind and body, I heard Kim’s voice break through calmly and clearly. “Remember peace,” she said, quoting my vision for the birth. I nodded, and Kim gave me a few words of inspiration and instruction to “push past the pressure” and meet my daughter. I inhaled and thought, “I trust God. I trust my body, and I trust my midwife.” Just a few minutes later, I held my beautiful daughter in my arms and felt amazed at the process God uses to bring life into this world, including the strength of another woman’s presence, wisdom, and experience. This is what a woman, who in the midst of one of the most sacred experiences of her life, needs: clarity, focus, and strength calmly spoken when she can’t hear anything else, a well-established feeling and knowledge of safety when she feels anything but, and a warmth and connection to those with her in the experience. Kim. She believed in my birth vision. She believed in ME. Kim is more than an attendant at the birth of your child; she is the embodiment of the nurturing, midwifery spirit. Thank you, Kim!! I so appreciate you!!"
Raquel H.
"As a father with a great distrust in doctors and the US baby business, I could not have asked for a better birth team. These women will treat your baby mama with great care and respect, as well as respect whatever it is you choose for your baby. Our daughter was born non-responsive and the whole team immediately took action... our daughter's life was saved by Kim's experienced hands, mind, and heart, and we will forever be indebted to her. No words can truly fully express what the ladies at HazelTree have done for us as a family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you!!!!!"
Daniel D.
"When it comes to having a  baby, you want someone who will listen to your concerns, give you advise, and sometimes just be a shoulder to cry on. Kim Palmer is all of these things and more! I was introduced to Kim in my third trimester and I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to have present at the birth of my daughter. She helped me to relax and even laugh during my labor and deliver. By the time my daughter was eight weeks old, she felt more like a family member than just one of my midwifes. My only regret is that she won’t be able to deliver my future children, since she has relocated. Any woman would be placing herself and her baby in good hands by having Kim as their midwife."
Amanda W.
Words fail to express how truly wonderful the women at HazelTree are! Having had both my babies with them, I pray I will never have to go anywhere else.  I literally could write a book of all that I have learned through each one of my appointments.  I would leave each appointment knowing something new, understanding my body, the baby, nutrition, and birth more, but most importantly feeling genuinely cared for.  By the six-week checkup for both my children, it’s felt much more like hugging dear friends goodbye, then just leaving a clinic.  If you are looking for a wonderful, relational, yet highly educated, and knowledgeable team of midwifes, go no further. They are the bomb!!!
Sara K.
These ladies are my favorite people! I mostly worked with Kim, Madeleine and Tammy, but I got to know all of them. They are all so skilled, passionate, funny, trustworthy and personable. As a young new momma who had already experienced a very long and traumatic miscarriage, I didn't know what to expect from HazelTree or even from my pregnancy in general. I am still in awe of their tenderness, sincerity and love for my little family. They prayed for my baby every appointment per request and were there for us in every aspect, every step of the way. During my pregnancy, my husband and I got in a car accident and the HazelTree team was all over it! After a hospital visit was ruled out by the medics, the HazelTree team made time over the weekend to get me in to check on baby and reassure my heart. Baby was totally fine! I had a very fast birth which resulted in some tearing and hemorrhaging, but they were totally unfazed and handled everything so smoothly. They know what they're doing! I had complete confidence in them the entire time. Now that my baby is almost seven weeks old and we no longer have postnatal appointments, I find myself thinking about each one of the team members and missing them something fierce. They do life with you for almost a year! They will never NOT be family to me.
Lausandra N.
"Kim attended both of my home births.  Each time, it wasn’t until she arrived that things started really progressing.  I am confident that this is not a coincidence:  subconsciously I knew she offered the calm, comfort, and confidence needed for labor.  While I am definitely of the mindset that we trust our bodies to bring our babies into this world, Kim provides the reassurance to do so.  She has the perfect mix of humor, wisdom, experience, patience, confidence, and poise that makes for an absolutely wonderful midwife.    For my first pregnancy, I planned on delivering at the hospital with a great group of midwives.  It wasn’t until 37 weeks when we toured the hospital and learned of their policies, that I realized it was not for me.  Enter Kim.  We had only a couple weeks to get acquainted and have her become part of what is such a profoundly intimate experience.  Kim was totally disarming from the start.  She was warm, engaging, and funny, while conveying a wisdom and experience that make you want to entrust yourself to her.  During each contraction, Kim was very hands-on and very encouraging.  Sometimes I didn’t know what I needed and she calmly and proactively tried different things.  The water birth went smoothly (make no mistake — it HURTS!!) but I only pushed for 27 minutes and did not tear.  My second birth, which everyone says is easier, was NOT!  Despite a much longer and more difficult labor (with a baby two pounds larger than the first), I had another wonderful home/water birth.  This time, I really wanted to “catch” my own baby, and Kim encouraged me to do so.  Not only did I catch him, but leading up to it, Kim coached me (after I threatened to “smack her in the head”) to move my own cervical lip (9 1/2 cm dilated on one side, and a full 10 cm on the other) aside to allow my baby down the birth canal.  In hindsight, it was Kim’s confidence in me, that allowed me to do it.  That is what midwifery is all about, and I am forever grateful for that gift."
Debby K.